About Us

Deadly Dick lures have been in tackle boxes all over North America since 1949. The quality materials and careful workmanship used in their production, combined with their proven ability to catch fish have made them indispensible in both fresh water and salt water.

Deadly Dick lures are made of solid brass, then nickel plated, giving them a shiny, bright finish. With nickel swivel, stainless steel split rings and 'seaguard' protected Eagleclaw hooks, our lures are almost indestructable. Single hooks and single bucktail hooks are optional.

Deadly Dick lures will not rust and are environmentally friendly.

Check out our colour chart and see which of the 32 different options you think would work best for you. They have a nice weight and are easy to cast. The heavier lures can get down in heavy current or deep to the bottom, wherever the fish are.

Find the size, shape and colour combination to match the bait in your area, get out there, and land the big one! Don't forget to send a photo of your catch for us to post in the Deadly Dick Photo Gallery!